In March 2023, the SHIIP system has transitioned to the cloud. How users access and login to the SHIIP system has slightly changed.

What you need to know?

This only affects your SHIIP user account.

The login page will look different and your SHIIP user account will need to be appended with For example:

User passwords and multi-factor authentication remains unchanged.

Please see the login example on the right.

What does this mean to you?

Your SHIIP user ID is not an email address but is a user account that is designed to access SHIIP resources such as, the application itself, our support service site, and our future BI solution. The email address of your organization’s account will stay the same and all your data and settings will be retained.

Why did this change?

The transition to the cloud required the use of a new user login to secure login activity in the cloud and to support single sign-on access to all available SHIIP resources.

Please contact SHIIP support team at if you have any questions.

Login Username Example