All care plans are complimented with core features to that enables the tracking of versions, saving and printing.

Print Friendly

Each patient’s CCP can be saved in PDF format for print. This PDF document aligns with the design and structure of the latest CCP document version.

Document Control

SHIIP leverages a check-out / check-in system to prevent users from overwriting the work of others. While a CCP is checked out, drafts of the document are saved to ensure that work is not lost in the event of connectivity issues.

Care Plan Sharing

The sharing of the SHIIP coordinated care plan is available to any provider/user that has access to SHIIP and the most appropriate security/privacy permissions, are plans can be printed (hard copy or PDF) and shared

Full Revision History

When viewing a patient’s CCP, users can see exactly what has been updated on a specific page. This includes who updated the page, when it was updated, and any old / new values.

Coordinated Care Plans (CCPs) are a key feature in SHIIP that was created to support Health Links but was adapted into many clinical practices post-Health Link days. The CCP allows patients, families, caregivers, and providers to take a collaborative approach to the patient’s goals and care.

SHIIP Coordinated Care Plan Modules:
General Information
Care Team
More About Me
My Goals and Action Plan
Medication Coordination
Health Assessments
Last Hospital Visit
Palliative Care/h5>
Care Consent and Advance Care Planning

As of January 2023, the SHIIP system will be deploying the first Dynamic Care Plan supporting the FLA OHT Palliative Care group palliative care strategy. This new care plan design uses a modular design to capture and store information that enables the rapid and joint development of care plans to suit organizational and clinical needs.

Stakeholders can define their needs and the SHIIP team will support the release of the new plan within days all while still experiencing the supported care plan administrative features such as version control, alerts/notifications and printing and sharing plans.

SHIIP Dynamic Care Plans Modules:
General Information
Patient Identifiers
More About Patient
Care Team
Medication Coordination
Health Assessments
Last Hospital Visit
Palliative Care
Goals of Care
Planning for Death
Complex Care
Afterhours Team
Home Care Team/h5>
Home Care Service
Symptom Response Kit
Substitute Decision Makes & Power of Attorney
Primary Care Provider & Other Physicians
Palliative Performance Scale (PPS)