The Shared Health Integrated Information Portal (SHIIP) is a secure, web-based portal that enables providers to identify patients with complex needs in real time and provides a patient history of hospital, addictions/mental health, home care, and community service encounters.

Graph to show how SHIIP work in Healthcare System

What Sets SHIIP Apart
  • SHIIP is a portal-based technology solution, designed to leverage existing data feeds using APIs for integration with point-of-care systems across healthcare sectors
  • Automates the identification of complex/high-needs patients
  • Generates patient risk scores to indicate the likelihood of hospital readmission or other health service needs
  • Makes this information available to providers who need to know, while maintaining patient confidentiality
  • Enables Coordinated Care Plans for integrated care teams to monitor and manage care for patients
  • Enables timely alignment of services in response to health status changes and hospital events
  • Provides dashboard reports and Business Intelligence tools to support the monitoring of patients, practice lists and population health