User Management & Access Control

SHIIP user manage tool is used to create and manage user accounts, including setting up login credentials and assigning permissions and access controls, create and manage groups of users, and to assign permissions and access controls at the group level and track and monitor user activity, including logging login and logout times, and tracking the resources accessed by users. It can help organizations to improve the security and efficiency of their systems, and to ensure that users have the access they need to the resources they need to do their jobs.

  • Create/Suspend/Reactivate/Terminate/Restore the users
  • Multiple ways to help secure password reset
  • Offer audit tool to track user activities
Access Based on User Access Group

SHIIP contains a robust list of permissions. Every SHIIP page & feature has it’s own associated permissions that can be used to limit or grant access to Personal Health Information, management tools, and aggregate dashboards. We combine these permissions into Access Groups that can be tailored to any role, such as; care coordinators, clinical decision support, data entry support, privacy officers, etc. SHIIP can support roles in any health care sector, including; acute care, primary care, addictions & mental health, community support, etc.

The SHIIP onboarding team can help assign the most appropriate access group for your role & desired level of access. A list of available access groups is below.

AMH Case Managers
Care Coordinators
Care Planning
Clinical Service Provider
Care Planning
Data Entry Support
Non-Clinical Decision Support
Service Coordinators (home support)
Service Coordinators (non-home support)
Site Privacy Officerr